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Free Sample Addition Worksheet - Copy the equations three times.
Free Sample Phonics Worksheets - Copy the
Free Sample Coloring Page

 My Dad would call these super teacher worksheets for improving grades in Math, Grammar, Phonics and other elementary courses. Most of these are not quiz type worksheets, but the sort that offer practice building skills. See more about Dad below.

So many times we want to tell the children to practice their facts but we know that unless we take the time or have something that they can use, they will not usually find the time to practice. They seldom have either the motivation or someone to walk them through the basics.

Teachers, both new and old; substitute teachers; parents helping their children; and tutors love our worksheets because they can trust that the children will learn using these worksheets. New students and remedial students are thrilled to find the facts in order and easy to copy. See our main pages below our greetings.

Let your students work with the actual facts before you drill them with quizzes and games. Games are no fun when you don't already know the facts. Those children who learn fast can get ahead and those who need extra practice can simply practice as often as they need.

There's no registration or log in to remember. Welcome and enjoy!

Our strength is printable worksheets that offer the model for your students to copy the work. This is practice at its best!

Another benefit is that these require low teacher or parent involvement and are easy to navigate

These are original handmade worksheets and videos.

Practice is how children learn the basics easily and improve their scores no matter which curriculum you use. Now practice is easy to assign for busy work or homework.

Printable Worksheets List

These links take you to our best pages for these subjects. From these pages you can go to related topics with worksheets to match. You can print or download right from our web pages, or purchase our bundles from our order page.

Printable Math Worksheets

Practice Addition Worksheets - Copy The Equation Three Times Each

Our worksheets are a God send to teachers, substitute teachers, parents and home school curriculum users alike.

For example: If your students are having trouble with Math, and need extra addition help, they can watch our addition videos and copy the addition facts three times each on our addition worksheets.

Practice improves the chance that your students will remember the right answers and it gives them an easy exercise by which to build their skills and improve their grades. Be sure to allow time to practice the basics, especially at the beginning.

We also have printable flash cards for all four Math operations as with these addition flash cards. There are several different formats by which the children can practice the basics while they are learning the Math tables.

This applies to children who are reviewing and for those getting ready for the school year again. Truly, I've taught many children their four Math tables using only our main addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division pages. Children appreciate being led through the shortcuts to good scores and practice is the most effective method.

In a big way, our printable Math sheets and Math facts resources are the star of our show.

Children can practice the facts as often as they need and we have Math videos that teach the four operations on our:

I've seen many children learn all four Math operations within six months copying the equations for one table daily, and when they knew the first went to the next table.

Our worksheets follow this model even in the other subjects .

If you have access to copy paper, card stock, a printer and the internet; you can use all of our printable worksheets and flash cards. If you find that your elementary education resources need to offer more practice, you'll be happy that you found our super teacher worksheets.

If you cannot access the internet well you can buy our bundles to store in your computer files. We have put all of our practice worksheets on printable worksheet bundles to download for pennies a page so that you can easily have the whole file. 

Phonics Worksheets

The first steps to learning or reviewing what it takes to read and write are learning the phonics sounds and the phonics rules. Again, as with Math we have practice flash cards, worksheets, and videos.

See our sets for reinforcing the spelling of words with the Orton multi-letter phonograms, diphthongs, and digraphs. We also offer the singular and plural nouns with room to practice on our Phonics Worksheets web pages. From this page you can go to several videos and the phonics rules.

(Simply learning the sounds is very helpful to ESL students, too, even though they usually need ESL Grammar Worksheets and Vocabulary Worksheets since our Grammar and Vocabulary are different than in some languages. See Grammar info below.)

Printable Grammar Worksheets

A-Z Worksheets puts the puzzle together! We take the mystery out of diagramming sentences with our super teacher worksheets. Our second nav offers the main English Grammar terms in learning order and each has Grammar Worksheets to match. Study them all and you will go through all of the basics of English Grammar.

Find them in both A-Z and learning order in our printable Grammar Definitions Ebook. Truly any of these super worksheets teach the English language at the same time that they teach the other elementary education subjects at the same time as they teach the English Grammar lessons.

Printable Writing And Handwriting Worksheets

At a time when many schools do not even teach cursive writing you might like to see our growing collection of manuscript and cursive writing worksheets on our Handwriting Worksheets web pages. Nearly any of our language arts worksheets can serve as handwriting practice worksheets as well. Again, there's no registration necessary.

Spelling Worksheets

We love these practice worksheets! Imagine having the correct spelling of words already printed on pages that have space for the student to copy the words three times for practice. Done – on our Spelling Worksheets.

Teacher Worksheets

Say It! Write It! Repeat It!

Common sense practice Worksheets are the order of the day at A-Z Worksheets!

Many of our downloadable practice worksheets are several PDF pages long, meaning that the worksheets icon may have 3 printable worksheets and others may have a dozen or more. These are super handy for teachers who must invent their own activities, too.

My Dad counseled us to teach our children the basics and they will be able to use them in the rest of their school work. He had been a PhD in Education who also worked at the Department of Education. He knew many of the troubles in education and also knew some of the short cuts.

Long after he retired, he went to Phoenix to study Phonics. He returned to teach his grandchildren and many other children how to learn. See his tribute here.

Our site is a perfect complement for teachers using elementary lesson plans or for parents using a home school curriculum. Substitute teachers and tutors are also thrilled to have our practice worksheets.

Common sense practice worksheets are the order of the day at

A-Z Worksheets!

Say It. Write It. Repeat It.

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