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You've hit the jack pot with this addition worksheets page! This is where we link to the best worksheets that really teach adding. These are for practice. They supplement any school program or homeschool program. Your students can take the quiz later.

Individual Worksheets For Addition Practice

Addition Practice Worksheets 1

Adding 1 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 2

Adding 2 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 3

Adding 3 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 4

Adding 4 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 5

Adding 5 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 6

Adding 6 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 7

Adding 7 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 8

Adding 8 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 9

Adding 9 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 10

Adding 10 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 11

Adding 11 Copy 3x

Addition Practice Worksheets 12

Adding 12 Copy 3x

Use these addition worksheets when your students are beginning to practice the equations for the Addition facts. Copy each equation three times.

Children learn the tables faster by saying the words as they write the Math symbols, too. 

Assign only the table your students are practicing as these cover one table each. The entire set on our main addition page and there is also a chart that you can keep for reviews. Our main addition page has many other addition worksheets and charts, too.

Remember to make sure that your students count fairly well and understand the terms in an equation. If your students do not know the names of the numbers or how to write them, go to our counting worksheets.

Download the many printable worksheets below so that you can keep these for future practice.

The addition flash cards have two sides, one with the answer and one without. As with the addition videos, you can practice and teach with the "answer side" so that the children can practice first.

Quiz and drill with the "non-answer side".

Pause the video and repeat the equation three times or repeat the video three times.

Then print the worksheet that you like for practice. Download the Math worksheets for future use or buy all our Math worksheets in one bundle so that you can have all of them available in separate files in your own computer.

Addition Videos

"Mom? What's five and four?"

Answer: " Repeat after me: Five and four are nine. Five and four are nine. Five and four are nine."

Older children can simply repeat your first answer three times on their own. Show them that if they'll make a personal habit of purposeful practice they'll have an easy time the rest of their lives. 

Why do I like Math videos? They make excellent Math tutors. They're always available and always patient ;-)

You can also see all of our twelve addition videos without worksheets on this page.

Addition Worksheets And Flash Cards

Accuracy is most of Math. Practice develops automaticity (what a word!). If your students practice, they'll know their facts automatically. 

If you have a student who cannot absorb the memory work, put the flash cards in order and surprise him with the ease of simply repeating the equations. If he has been working with a computer or copying the equations, the easy moments with the flash cards might be what it takes to make the facts "stick"!

Also, if you are using all 12 addition tables the last few are very easy since most of the facts have been studied in the earlier facts.

It is so fun to watch a student zoom through the 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, and 12s after he has belabored the first 7 tables! Also, once children understand addition or "get the idea"; subtraction is often a natural and will not need nearly so much drill and practice time.

Addition Practice Set

This is the whole set from above with all twelve addition practice pages in one download.

The chart is handy to keep in a binder, too. We have our chart printed on card stock with the subtraction tables on the back side. Super handy.

Addition Facts Table

Addition Facts 12 Tables

Set of 12 Addition Facts Worksheets

The Whole Set of 12 Worksheets

Printable Addition Flash Cards

See our printable addition flash cards below.

Each icon has six sheets; three with answers, three for the back without answers.

You can print them all to have each set on its own or stop at the third page and manually replace the cards to print the back sides. Ink friendly.

Addition Math Flash Cards 1

Adding One

Addition Math Flash Cards 2

Adding Two

Addition Math Flash Cards 3

Adding Three

Addition Math Flash Cards 4

Adding Four

Addition Math Flash Cards 5

Adding Five

Addition Math Flash Cards 6

Adding Six

Addition Math Flash Cards 7

Adding Seven

Addition Math Flash Cards 8

Adding Eight

Addition Math Flash Cards 9

Adding Nine

Addition Math Flash Cards 10

Adding Ten

Addition Math Flash Cards 11

Adding Eleven

Addition Math Flash Cards 12

Adding Twelve

Order These And Hundreds of Math Worksheets Per Download

Concise Addition To Subtraction Worksheets

These treasures show the association between addition and subtraction.

Some students "get it" right away. Other children need explicit practice. These addition and subtraction worksheets are great for both kinds of students.

They are truly super for older children. Twice the learning for the same effort!

4 + 4 = 8 - 4 = 4

Print the chart on card stock to put in your binder for reference. Print double sided with our multiplication to division chart and have all the facts together.

Addition to Subtraction

All 12 Addition To Subtraction Tables Chart

Addition to Subtraction Practice

12 Addition To Subtraction Worksheets

Addition Tables FIB Practice Worksheets!

These addition worksheets are phenomenal boosters when your student says, "I can't do it." and you know that all he needs is practice. The addition tables are at the top of these free addition worksheets with equations to answer by filling in the blank at the bottom!

Open book quiz at its best!

These make teaching addition facts easy and practically self-study. Always make as many associations as you can so that the practice makes more sense and will be remembered longer. Saying the words while writing is a big help for most students. Twelve sheets.

12 Addition Tables Practice Worksheets

Fill In The Blank Addition Practice - Chart At Top

Large Addition Tables Flip Charts

Use the landscape addition charts as wall posters - use a hole punch and hang them near where your student does Math homework and change to the next addition table he is learning. Great for you to keep in a "practice binder".

Flips like a calendar.

Use the portrait Addition charts as Addition flip charts below on a clip board for class or multi-student review. Choose one of twelve sheets.

Landscape Addition Flip Charts

Portrait Addition Charts - Addition Flip Charts

It is so handy to have all twelve of these portrait sheets on a clip board when you have students who are studying different levels. I simply go to the right addition table for my students who are struggling and review each equation three times.

I love to see their happiness at finally "getting it"!

These practice addition worksheets have space at the top for the clip part of your clip board. They are an easy replacement for addition flashcards; less fumbly, too, just be sure to point to the right equation. I put my hand or a card below the right equation to hide the next equations. You can fold the page in half, too. The more trouble your student has, the more careful you have to be with flash cards and charts - that's why 

Print Them All! Order Math Worksheets Bundles

Printable Math Worksheets Bundle

Printable Math Bundle

Printable Math Worksheets For Kids - Practice, not quizzes.

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