Fun Activities For Kids

Fun activities for kids fill the school day AND those glorious days off!

Our site has thousands of Math and Reading activities, but this page is dedicated to non-academic spring, summer, fall and winter activities for children. Fun stuff. If it happens to educate, that's great.

The idea here is to plan for fun and wonder. This page links to activities to sparkle your life throughout the year. Include the children in the planning for more fun, they frequently have good ideas. After a note about getting back to school activities this is the page to come to for seasonal and holiday activities.

Toddlers' activities, preschool activity ideas, homeschool activities, and back to school activities are more fun when you include everyone and plan the pieces and parts together. Think about it, most of the toddlers' activities are watching what the older children are doing. Preschoolers want more of the action. Planning what each "can" do ahead of the moment will help spread the fun and leave room for joyful and spontaneous moments. See more homeschool activities and ideas below.

Back To School Activities For Kids

Coloring Pages To Print

First day of school activities set the tone for the year. If teachers and parents have exciting ideas for the day and help the children organize their supplies while giving them "the plan", there'll be the anticipation necessary to pull their attention from the joys of summer vacation toward the joys of learning. Some children are excited to get back to school. Use those children's excitement to help those who hesitate - without bowling them back out the door. Need to fill some time for little ones? Print some coloring pages. They're also great if you're homeschooling and need toddler and preschool activities.

Brush Up With A Multiplication Video

At the end of summer (here in the USA) back to school activities help children switch modes from the freedom of summer vacation for the challenges of returning to school work. Any special treasure that you can save as a back to school treat, can make the first day of school a happy day. Even having a new pencil box can start the year right if you save it in a safe place not to be used till school starts.

If you're hoping to get your children back in the swing of things for school, our free Math worksheets, Phonics worksheets, and Reading worksheets are fun practice worksheets. We have thousands of free printable worksheets for kids that have practice as their purpose.

Holiday Activities For Kids

Once school starts, what do we do? We look forward to the holidays! Holiday activities can be an easy way to sneak in a few fun moments even during school time. Scroll down for ideas on our site for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and the four seasons.

Labor Day Activities For Kids

Labor Day Activities - Parades, picnics, outings

Again, this is another United States holiday. Labor Day activities are celebrated on the first Monday in September to remember the achievements of our work force, but most of us in that work force are simply happy to have the time off from work! Since it marks the end of summer, we usually try to squeeze in one last trip or party before school starts. During election years there is more emphasis on political parades and speeches so you might find a celebration to visit or simply use our flag coloring pages with more to print on our world coloring pages.

Veterans Day Activities

To me, this seems like our most dedicated holiday of the year to remember our military, the difference here is that these are our veterans who are still living so the most endearing Veterans Day activities are visits to see them, especially if they live alone.

Many of the people I know also remember our deceased military and clean and decorate the graves of loved ones. It's good to do it twice a year and November makes a good half way mark from Memorial Day.

Have the little ones color a flag to laminate and place on the grave as a personalized memento of their sweet prayers. Remember to decorate the back side and leave a little note by using our flag coloring pages and our world coloring pages to remember the countries in which our veterans served. We usually have the day free from school or work, so Veterans Day activities often include trips to visit family and friends.

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities - Enjoy A Walk

Thanksgiving Day is the last Thursday of November each year and nothing invokes the sweet memories of good family times at Thanksgiving like trips to the pumpkin patch, planning the goodies for Thanksgiving dinner, or inviting family and friends for traditional Thanksgiving activities on the big day. Let the children make their own additions to the decorations and invitations with our Thanksgiving coloring pages and see our fall activities for autumn coloring pages, too.

Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities For Kids - Gingerbread House Kit

Christmas Day is December 25 every year. In our area, Christmas activities invoke the warmest memories at the coldest time, and the more you include Jesus in your plans, the more you'll have to mark and celebrate the warmth of and joy of the season, too. Plan for His birthday by including a Nativity scene in your Christmas decorations. Children love this aspect of remembering His birthday! Even your Christmas party activities can include His story. Christmas traditions like the luminarias from Mexico's tradition of lighting the driveway for His arrival are fun for children to help arrange. The cultural possibilities for celebrating Christmas Day are endless. See our Christmas coloring pages, winter coloring pages and more winter activities for children below.

Easter Activities

Easter activities express the joy of the Apostles and Mary over Jesus rising from the dead as He said He would. You can use our Bible coloring pages, free Easter coloring pages, and see our other spring activities for children below.

Memorial Day Activities For Kids

Memorial Day Activities

In the USA, we remember those who have died in our nation's service on the last Monday of May. The whole weekend is often spent in celebration. It is a very good time to visit the cemetery to clean and decorate graves of our military loved ones. Use our flag coloring pages to help little ones join in preparations. We have more USA and world flags on our world coloring pages which can be used for other patriotic holidays and other nations as well. Memorial Day Weekend is also a common time to celebrate graduations, so there is lots to celebrate along with the commemorations.

4th Of July Activities For Kids

Fourth of July Activities - Love the USA!

The crowning holiday of the summer in the United States of America is the 4th of July. It marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the US from Great Britain. Most of us don't spend time learning about the Declaration, we leave that for the school year. We do go to parades, though, and most cities have fireworks displays for the evening. Shooting fireworks or attending fireworks displays is probably one of the most distinctive of the 4th of July activities.

Children love the bright colors and patriotic songs associated with the day. Find some 4th of July music so that you can teach the little ones the 4th of July songs. Hand them a drum and watch the fun begin. Little ones can be great drummers if they are familiar with the song and have the idea of counting or ticking like a clock.

Hot dogs, apple pie and baseball have become favorites so maybe you'd like to learn to make an apple pie or teach the little ones to play catch and teach the older ones the rules of baseball. If you are decorating or sending notes to family and friends use our flag coloring pages with some Betsy Ross and other flag motifs on our world coloring pages. We have firecrackers and other patriotic worksheets on our Fourth of July Coloring Pages.

Seasonal Activities For Kids

Spring Activities

Spring Activities - Knockout Roses

Spring activities come easily. We are so glad to be able to plan for time in the warm sunshine watching God's world unfurl her beauty after waiting through the depths of winter's cold and sometimes icy dangers that most any outdoor activities are refreshing! The simpler the more memorable, too. If you're looking for indoor activities for kids use our bird, kitten, and flower coloring pages which can also be used for Mother's Day presents from the little ones.

Summer Activities

Summer Activities - Monarch butterflies

Fun summer activities are a natural, too. If we can simply make time to get outside to see what is growing, tend to the garden, or pick veggies for a cool salad; we have so many opportunities for delighting the children with outdoor activities like fun summer activities with a Baltimore orioles nest and oriole feeder. Cool indoor activities for kids can include printing our sports, farm animal, boating, and other summer coloring pages for Father's Day gifts from toddlers and preschoolers.

Fall Activities

A Walk In The Fall

Fall activities for kids can be a trick to squeeze into the school year, but they are so worth the scheduling tricks! Definitely plan outdoor activities to a field or woods to show how the flowers and trees have changed their form and color. Simply picking the wildflowers after bloom can bring home a delightful dried bouquet full of interesting seed pods. Remember that the tall grasses add height to the bouquet easily! Collecting leaves is a fun activity for kids and can even be educational if you can teach them the names of the trees from which they fall. Gather the nuts, too! Fall and autumn coloring pages can set the mood, too.

Winter Activities

Winter Activities - Snowy Trees

Winter activities for kids don't only have to be inside, although tiny children will be very happy if you bring a little bit of the outside to them; and you won't have to take the time necessary to bundle them for the weather. Most little ones enjoy winter coloring pages, but watch all that white space! Many winter coloring pages should keep in mind that white scenery can frustrate little ones, use them as a teaching moment. On the other hand, we have a child who would stack the crayons to make houses rather than color pictures and she's still dismayed at the idea of using construction paper and coloring pages. Today she's an accomplished graphics artist with her own website now so vary your artistic activities for kids.

Homeschool Activities

Homeschool activities for kids can be more spontaneous if you don't already have a schedule filled with extra curricular activities. Any fun activity for kids can be a homeschool activity. All of those above are usually done in the home. When we homeschool we simply have more lee-way no matter which home school curriculum you are using.

More Fun Activities For Kids

Are your children into creating their own projects? Especially those interested in crafts like beading might like our free printable graph paper downloads. We have some gift wrapping ideas, too. Enjoy!

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