Free Printable Worksheets

Practice Makes Perfect!

So often, free printable worksheets are merely quizzes.

Now there's an option. Practice worksheets. Take the quiz later!

You can build a wonderful program of practice with our printable worksheets. 

  • All of the worksheets on this site are free.
  • Most can be bought in bundles throughout our site.
  • All can help improve your children's grades with low teacher or parent involvement.

Oh how hard it is to watch students struggle with the basics! Meet their needs with quick easy practice or quick reviews. So many times, all that children need is time to practice, or a mentor to go through the drills with them. We offer this practice.

You can print from screen or download our worksheets free from our website or you can buy the downloads to have the basics all together in your own files.

There are few places to go to find a mentor or tutor if you do not have the time necessary for helping your students or children review.

Teachers: When they begin to work on their assignments and have no idea what to do, start with our easy practice pages for homework.

Parents: When they come home from school unable to do their Math tables or read their assignments, use our worksheets, flash cards, and videos. 

Deep down we know that what they need is time to practice with the basics. Practice is the real "short cut".

Practice Makes Perfect!

Well, we've created our free printable worksheets so that children can practice the Pre-K-6 subjects using easy to print Phonics, Math, and Grammar worksheets, flash cards, and videos.

I myself bookmark our own web pages to use with our own children.

My husband asks for these worksheets when he's helping them.

We believe in what we've made and really enjoy sharing it with others. 

Your students can:

  • Math - copy the equations three times each, use the printable flash cards, and the flash cards videos.
  • Phonics - copy the words that model the Orton phonogram sounds three times, use the printable flash cards or the phonics videos.
  • Grammar - see an awesome diagramming chart that places the titles of the parts of speech (not just the sentences) on the charts and awesome Grammar definitions with practice worksheets.


This used to be the way, the "method" if you will, that children learned their facts; yet, today, many of us are hard pressed to find the time or the help necessary for this sort of practice. 

Simply print the practice worksheets that your students need and they can practice the review themselves. Once you've covered the concepts, they can practice and do the drill on their own. They can take the quiz later.

Parents can also bookmark the Phonics and Math videos so that their children can practice the facts from a phone, iPads, and other tablets

This way children can practice the facts while they're riding in the car, waiting on the game to start, or simply curled up on the couch warm and snugly.

When your children are wondering "What can I do?" or they want to "play" school when their older brothers and sisters are working, you can turn dead time into easy learning time with our worksheets.

Print these as minis four up so that your dolls have "homework".

Our practice printable worksheets offer practice of the facts, usually by copying three times each or searching a chart that is on the same piece of paper. 

Our search boxes at the top of most pages are also handy for finding such treasures as different printable Math sheets. Just search the topic you seek.

Children Love Coloring!

Coloring Pages To Print

Additional to our free printable worksheets we have hundreds of coloring pages to print and they are listed by topic in the charts on our main coloring pages.

Common sense practice is the order of the day at!

Practice Addition With Videos

Here's an example of our Math videos. Never say the wrong answer when practicing with with flash cards again. These are always in order, fast, clear and correct. Our online Math tutor videos are always patient and pleasant.  :-)

See more on our addition videos page.

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Hi, I'm Mary Fifer and I am the happy owner and webmaster of this website.

My goal is to make it easy for teachers and parents to teach their students the basics. Knowing the basics makes all the rest of learning so much easier. If you like our free printable worksheets, I appreciate when you share them. If you don't, I appreciate when you Contact me.

Thank you for visiting. Come again often and send your family and friends.


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